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Food Supply Chain Solutions Using Real-time Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

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Wifi Location Tracking System and Real-time Temperature and Humidity Data logger used in Food Supply Chain

XKtrack features as a real-time online temperature and humidity data logger which monitors the environment of fresh foods in transit in a remote, online and continuous way. XKtrack sends alerts, and intervenes in issues in real time, ensuring the freshness and safety of foods in transit.

Three challenges in the food supply chain:

1. Fresh foods are perishable, raising strict environmental requirements for transportation.

In the food supply chain, fresh foods including seafood, fruits, and vegetables are particularly susceptible in transit, which can spoil easily due to over-standard temperature and humidity of the cold chain, resulting in huge losses. This gives rise to strict requirements for the temperature and humidity in transit.

2. The traditional fresh supply chain cannot avoid the risk of food spoilage in time.

In traditional cold chain transportation, the temperature and humidity data logger only helps to trace the responsibility of losses already caused rather than monitoring the data changes in real-time to prevent the occurrence of accidents and to reduce losses and waste.

3. Consumers' increasingly high demand for freshness presses on the timeliness of the food supply chain

Consumers have an increasingly high demand for the freshness of seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Therefore, how to serve fresh foods to the consumers’ table as soon as possible is one of the most critical business challenges in the food supply chain, especially in cold chain logistics.

XKtrack's GPS+LBS+Wifi location tracking system for the food supply chain

1. XKtrack features a temperature and humidity data logger that supports remote, real-time and online monitoring

XKtrack features an advanced temperature and humidity data logger. Compared to traditional data loggers, XKtrack monitors and uploads the temperature and humidity data of goods in transit in a real-time, continuous and accurate way. XKtrack automatically makes judgements based on big data and algorithms, sending early alerts once temperature and humidity fluctuates over set limits, helping users to intervene early in exceptional situations to ensure the freshness of fresh foods in cold chain logistics.

2. XKtrack enables precise positioning and real-time, visualizable online monitoring throughout transportation

XKtrack, based on a GPS+LBS+Wifi location tracking system, monitors the location and vehicle speed of in-transit goods in a continuous, accurate, real-time, and visualizable way. XKtrack automatically estimates the delivery time of goods and allows real-time, visualizable and online monitoring of goods throughout transportation.

3. XKtrack supports smart early alerts on exceptional situations to avoid risks in advance.

XKtrack features automatic early alerts on exceptional situations including timeout stops, delay in delivery, and route deviation, helping enterprises to identify the risks early, and to intervene early in an effective and targeted way to ensure the on-time delivery of orders and to prevent the spoilage of fresh foods due to delay in delivery.

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