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Supply Chain Traceability Solutions for Vaccine Tracking with GPS Trackers

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Supply chain traceability solutions for vaccine tracking with GPS trackers

XKtrack is based on the triple tracking technology of Wi-Fi + LBS + GPS tracker, helping to realize the traceability of goods in each order. XKtrack can realize tracking, full visibility, real-time temperature and humidity monitoring, unpacking alerts and other services of vaccines in transit.

Three challenges of vaccine shipping:

1. Vaccines are perishable and susceptible to contamination, raising strict temperature and humidity requirements during transportation.

Vaccines are special pharmaceuticals that require strict real-time supervision and traceability of responsibility throughout their life-cycle and transportation. Conventional vaccines require a storage temperature of 2℃ to 8℃ and cryogenic vaccines require freezing to -18℃. In order to prevent the contamination and deterioration of vaccines and ensure their safety, vaccines must be transported in a cold chain from the manufacturer to the inoculation institution, that is, they must be always placed in a low-temperature environment, giving strict temperature and humidity requirements during transportation.

2. Customers may remain doubtful about the quality and safety of vaccines.

The long and complex transportation process of vaccines may raise customers’ concerns about the quality and safety of vaccines.

3. High social concern and increasing regulatory efforts.

Government departments and the general public have attached increasing importance to supply chain traceability. Manufacturers, governments, inoculation institutions, and everyday citizens are concerned about how to ensure the total safety of vaccines in cold chain transportation, which causes the demand for stricter requirements in the monitoring and supervision of goods.

XKtrack solutions

1. Enabling the supply chain traceability of vaccines

XKtrack is based on triple tracking technology using a Wi-Fi + LBS + GPS tracker. XKtrack tracker is shipped with goods, enabling the tracking and tracing of vaccines in each order. With triple tracking technology and 30-day ultra-long battery life, XKtrack allows for the tracking and tracing of vaccines transported by land, air or sea from factory-to-customer, ensuring the safety of each link of vaccine transportation.

2. Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity throughout transportation, preventing vaccine deterioration

XKtrack monitors and uploads the temperature data of goods in transit in a real-time, continuous and accurate way. XKtrack automatically makes judgements based on big data and algorithms, sending early alerts once any temperature fluctuation is outside set limits. XKtrack monitors the lighting level of the vaccines in real-time, sending immediate alerts about unauthorized unpacking. XKtrack automatically reports the location and duration of exceptional vaccine exposure, to prevent vaccine deterioration.

3. Early risk alerts and intervention

XKtrack is shipped with vaccines to realize real-time monitoring of vehicle speed, automatic prediction of delivery times, and automatic early alerts on exceptional stops, helping users to predict and intervene early in risks in transit. XKtrack can quickly trace the cause of exceptional situations and the responsibility of losses, and take targeted measures to improve the on-time delivery rate.

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